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Version: 3.1.0

Installing plugins


Plugins are a way of extending the functionality of Mocks Server.

Some things that can be made with a plugin are:

  • Load mocks or routes.
  • Listen to Mocks Server events and act in consequence.
  • Add custom express routers to the server.
  • Add new options, accessible to the users even through command line arguments, environment variables, or any other configuration method.
  • Change configuration while the server is running.
  • Add new formats of defining route variants. (Using custom routes handlers)

How to install plugins

Configuration file

Use the configuration file for installing plugins.

const FooPlugin = require("mocks-server-plugin-foo");

module.exports = {
plugins: {
register: [FooPlugin],


If you are using the @mocks-server/core package to start Mocks Server programmatically, you can define the plugins to use as described in the programmatic usage chapter.

Searching plugins

Use the "mocks-server-plugin" tag to search Mocks Server plugins in NPM.