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Version: 4.0.0

REST API integration


The Mocks Server main distribution includes the admin-api plugin preinstalled. It provides a REST API allowing to interact with the server while it is running.

The administration API is started on a different server of the API mock. By default, it is started in the 3110 port, but this can be changed using configuration.

Postman collection

Once Mocks Server is running, you can use our Postman public collection to interact with the administration API:

Run in Postman


Available API resources are described in the OpenAPI specification provided by the API server itself at http://localhost:3110/docs/openapi.json.


Start Mocks Server and browse to http://localhost:3110/docs to check out the API Swagger UI.

Swagger UI

Javascript API client


A JavaScript client for the administration api is also distributed as a separated package: @mocks-server/admin-api-client.


Get collections

curl http://localhost:3110/api/mock/collections

Change the current collection

curl -X PATCH -d '{"mock":{"collections":{"selected":"collection-b"}}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' http://localhost:3110/api/config


You can use the next Mocks Server configuration properties to change the API configuration:

  • plugins.adminApi.port (Number): Port for the administration REST API. Default is 3110.
  • (String): Host for the administration REST API. Default is (Reachable to all IPv4 addresses on the local machine).
  • plugins.adminApi.https.enabled (Boolean): Enables the HTTPS protocol in the administration REST API. For further information read the "Enabling HTTPS" guide.
  • plugins.adminApi.https.cert (String): Path to the HTTPS certificate. Relative to the current process.cwd() or absolute.
  • plugins.adminApi.https.key (String): Path to the HTTPS certificate key. Relative to the current process.cwd() or absolute.

Learn more about how to set Mocks Server settings in the configuration chapter