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Version: 1.9.0

Administration REST API


The main distribution includes the plugin-admin-api plugin preinstalled, which provides a REST API that allows to change dynamically the current behavior, change delay time, and another Mocks Server options .

This is very useful when running acceptance tests, as you can change the behavior of the api simply with a request in your tests before method, for example.

A client for the administration api is also distributed as a separated package: @mocks-server/admin-api-client.


  • adminApiPath: <String> Path for the administration api. Default is "/admin". You should change it only in case there is any conflict with the api you are mocking.
  • adminApiDeprecatedPaths - <Boolean> Disables the deprecated "/mocks" api path, which is still enabled by default due to backward compatibility. Used as command line argument, you can disable it using --no-adminApiDeprecatedPaths (Read the command-line-arguments chapter for further info)

Api resources

Available api resources are:

  • GET /admin/about Returns "plugin-admin-api" information.
    • Response body example: { "version": "1.2.0" }
  • GET /admin/behaviors Returns behaviors collection.
  • GET /admin/behaviors/:id Returns an specific behavior.
  • GET /admin/fixtures Returns fixtures collection.
  • GET /admin/fixtures/:id Returns an specific fixture.
  • GET /admin/settings Returns current server settings.
    • Response body example: { "delay": 0, behavior: "foo-behavior", path: "mocks" }
  • PATCH /admin/settings Changes current server settings.
    • Request body example: { "delay": 3000 }
  • GET /admin/alerts Returns current alerts.
  • GET /admin/alerts/:id Returns an specific alert. The alert id is equivalent to the alert context.

Deprecated api resources under "/mocks" api path are also still available.