Version: 1.7.0

Inquirer CLI


The main distribution includes the inquirer-cli plugin, which provides an interactive CLI that allows to change the server settings while it is running.


If you are using this plugin (enabled by default), you don't need to provide all your desired options using command line arguments when starting the server. The CLI allows you to change settings while the server is running:

npm run mocks-server

Interactive CLI


  • cli: <String> Start interactive CLI or not. Default is true. Use false to disable it.


When the plugin is started, it silents all mocks-server traces until you explicitly select the "Display server logs" option. So, if an error is detected while the server is starting, it will not be displayed.

Disable this plugin for a better debugging experience if you are facing some problem while loading fixtures or behaviors definitions. npm run mocks-server -- --cli=false


Inquirer is used for displaying the interactive CLI. You can consult his OS Terminals support here.