Version: 1.4.0


This chapter describes all available options in the @mocks-server/main package distribution, which includes an NPM binary file and plugins for administrating the server using a REST API and an interactive CLI:

Main options#

  • path: Path as <String> Path to the folder containing behaviors and fixtures to be used by the server. By default is /mocks
  • port: <Number> Port number for the Mocks Server to be listening. Default is 3100.
  • host: <String> Host for the server. Default is "" (Listen to any local host).
  • log: <String> Logs level. Can be one of "silly", "debug", "verbose", "info", "warn", "error".
  • watch: <Boolean> Watch behaviors folder and restart server on changes. Default is true.
  • behavior: <String> Default selected behavior when server is started.
  • delay: <Number Responses delay time in milliseconds.

Plugins extra options#

  • cli: <Boolean> Start interactive CLI. Default is true.

These extra options are added by the @mocks-server/plugin-admin-api and the @mocks-server/plugin-inquirer-cli plugins, which are included in the @mocks-server/main package distribution.

Each plugin can add his own options when it is registered in the mocks-server. If you are starting the server programmatically using the @mocks-server/core without adding plugins, only "Main options" will be available.

For another plugins options, please refer to their own documentation.